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PlayexPLAYEX is website about games and amusement industry. The main aim of PLAYEX is promotion of family entertainments, distribution of information about amusement rides, games, amusement equipment manufacturers and operators. PLAYEX website includes news, articles, vedeo about bowling, billiards, soft playgrounds, bungee, inflatables, attractions, thrill amusement rides, carousels, kiddie rides, air hockey, amusement machines, videogames, carting, aquapark equipment etc.

PLAYEX is usefull for those Russian speaking Internet users, who search a good bowling club, entertainment center, aquapark, karting, amusement park, billiards club, FEC, or any other place for family entertainment. Those, who work in games and amusement business will find a lot of interesting information in the catalogue of manufacturers of amusement equipment, amusement industry organizations guide, exhibition calendar, list of amusement industry mass media.

If you think you have information which is worth displaying at PLAYEX, you are welcome to contcact the editors. We daily update our catalogue and news sections. You are welcome to submit your news, press releases and company information. You can also download our SPECIAL OFFERS pricelist, where there is information on advertising rates and other promotional services we offer.

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