C. and S. srl+39 0522518800
Via F. Zoboli 2 – 42100 Reggio Emilia – Italia

C. and S. srl produces bumper cars and related equipments since 1993. Its range of bumper cars today comprises 6 models of big cars, 4 models of medium-size cars and 4 models of mini cars. All of them are available in antenna or floor pick-up version. On request special themed bumper cars are also produced. Together with cars C. and S. srl can supply the building or the track to operate bumper cars.

Cars are the “core-business” of C. and S. srl but the company produces also other itmes for the amusement industry: a high-capacity diesel-powered tracked train for parks, dark-ride systems, gondolas for major rides, cars or trains for rollercoasters.