15 – 17 сентября 2009GAMEXPO
Будапешт, Венгрия

gamexpo15 – 17 сентября 2009
Будапешт, Венгрия

How does the organisation of Gemexpo 2009 stand at the moment?

As we used to that in the 15 years long history of the Gamexpo, the organisers started their work a long time prior to this years exhibition.
Based on the feedbacks from previous years, it seemed obvious we have to continue with the work regarding the year 2009.

The continuous high standard of work being done, and if we were looking back to the same terms in previous years we could say that with confidence we are on the right path to achieve similar success.
The places of the exhibitions has been already showed a clearer picture which everyone could follow on the website of Gamexpo.
In This period we and our partners are entering into the final stage of the whole project when the proposed exhibition halls could win their so called ’opening positions’.
From this period the emphasis is becoming to solve the construction kind of problems or questions.

The place of the exhibition has been changed compare to the above named planes. Clearly recognisable for everyone that the 8000 square meter  ’A’ exhibition hall has not been used as it was before.

The increasing difficulties and problems of the profession are mirrored in the extent of the raising number of unused, inactive locations.

The above mentioned problems are playing the main reason to chose the B-C Exhibition hall to be the location.
As a matter of fact we had to change the location to react to the credit crunch which affects the entire business market worldwide.

How recognisable is the influence of the recent economical downturn?
The problems caused by the credit crunch  are not only influencing our daily life but have a great impact on the long term planning as well.

When we decided to choose the new location of the exhibition those problems-at least publicly- have not even been identified.

To keep the budget of the participating companies and the Evex-Team on a decent and acceptable level we had to take these steps which in our opinion are sufficient.

As the dooming pictures cleares, we could see only making these changes are not going to be enough, whilst the whole profession and we are as well starting to lose the possibility of the, at least a 0-szaldo. Not to mention the opportunities of the  providing circle and the lack of chances to gain new markets.

In the meantime it became clear that the current number of attendance will not require to book and keep further the C exhibition hall.

Regarding the hard and difficult present situation Avex-Team as the organiser is trying to do our best and fulfil the expectation of our partners.

In response to the mentioned difficulties the Gamexpo would like to open the 2010 year with 20% decline in price to satisfy our partners and ease the the pressure caused by their tight budgets and helping them make their participating intentions stronger.

Are there any new exhibitors?
During the 14 years activity of the Gamexpo lot of different companies presented themselves. Most of them had taken part in the event previously although there are some new companies participating this year.
This year, besides the Austrian attendance there are going to be Polish and German representatives of the profession.

What kind of programmes are going to be there?
There are two different sort of program will be available. One part is which has been organised by the Avex-Team, which includes billiard, CsoCso and Darts activities and also planning to launch a contingent bowling alley.

To summarise the above mentioned, please find the  important information below:
•      The 15th Gamexpo International Gaming and Amusement Exhibition: 15-17th of September 2009.
•    The opening hours of the exhibition: 10:00 – 18:00
•    The place of the exhibition: SYMA Sport and Eventcentre ’B’ hall, 1146 Budapest, D?zsa Gy?rgy ?t 1.
•      Price of daily ticket: 3.000,00 HUF/EUR 12,00
•    The adverts which are in the internal professional papers or magazine like Gaminfo, can be used as a 3 days ticket,and we extended this with dual-language throwaways for free entering.taking advantage of this opportunities is absolutely up to you.
•    For further and more detailed information, please visit our website where you can find the latest and up to date news. Our website address is .

S?ndor Barna
Managing Director