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Via Arduino Casale 63a ( Zone Ind) Lessolo Torino 10100 Italy

The Roberto Sport, with more than fifty years of activity, has given a relevant contribution to the history of the football table in Italy. During the years this company has continually availed itself of new technologies so as to introduce new technical devices and improvements to make their articles more competitive for the demands of the market. A great part of the production is destined for exportation. This market has affirmed itself thanks to the global quality of the offers, which apart from guaranteeing products of high standards of quality it also offers quick and efficient assistance. The company is structured in a way that it can manage the total production of the articles. A well equipped mechanical division, a carpentry shop with machinery for numeric control and a division for the moulding of plastic materials. All this enables us to be autonomous and elastic, this being absolutely necessary to meet all our clients requests.